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Our clients tend to come to us to save money by getting their products to market earlier!

  • PCB Design & Engineering

    PCB Design, Hardware Engineering, Prototyping, Production

  • 100% Design QC

    Our QC checks all datasheets, guidelines and reviews all email inputs

  • Manufacturing

    PCB Manufacturing and Assembly, Functuonal Tester, DUTA,
    Production Support

  • Certified Lab testing

    EMI & Environmental Lab Testing

Awesome Services

Everything what you need for Product Development

  • PCB Design & Part Library Development

    Analog / High-Speed / HDI / PFC / Flex / Mixed PCB Design up to 52+ layers

  • R&D and Hardware Engineering

    Proof-Of-Concept Prototyping, MVP, Hardware Engineering and Reverse-Engineering, Schematic Development & Mechanical Engineering

  • Quality Review & Simulation

    Engineering Review, Signal Integrity & Thermal Analysis, SPICE Simulation

  • Embedded Software Engineering

    ARM, MSP430, AVR, PIC, Renesas, embedded Linux and Windows PC application

  • Intrinsically Safe Expert

    Product Development for Industrial Automation in Hazardous Areas

  • 24/7 Production Support

    3D Printing, Machining, Manufacturing, Assembly and Certification

How It Works

What's Needed To Quote? It's simple...

  • Project requirement specification.

  • Design guidelines and notes on special requirements.

  • Your deliverable requirements.

  • Your time schedule for project completion.

  • Good data in means good data out.
    Limat can help with any data that is not easily collected.

Additional Features


4-20mA loop, HART, ASI, DeviceNET, PROFINET, IO-Link, PnP, CAN, LTE/GSM/GPS, LORA, Bluetooth, Zigbee, Wi-Fi, OTA, VoIP, Ethernet, POE

Power Electronics

AC-DC, DC-DC and DC-AC power conversion (from 1Watt to 100kW), High Voltage generation and measurements (≤100kVDC, 82kVAC), PFC, UPS, Solar Charger


High-Speed Telecom PCB, ATSAM/iMX6/iMX8 Core & Carrier, NVIDIA AGX/NX/Nano Carrier with a high-speed CSI video


Passive and active RF and microwave to 50GHz, Radar RX-TX Adapter, Radar Controller, FPGA-Verilog-VHDL

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